Our Story

Shajna was founded in 2009 by Lania Rakhma, the designer herself.

Graduated from Environmental Engineering ITB, she found herself that her passion and dream are fashion & having her own business.
At first, she's not really sure about her talent in design, so she put herself some test by joining several fashion competition.
At 2006, she won the 2nd Winner at Majalah Noor's Fashion Competition (Lomba Rancang Busana Majalah Noor) and became more confident that The Almighty had chosen fashion designer as her path.
She then took fashion course at Intermodel Bandung.
Begun with making a fashion label with her friend, she needs several years to gather her own vision & identity about her own label.
Lania saw that woman, especially the hijabi woman, had limited choices in expressing themselves through fashion in modesty way.
Also, the muslim fashion trend itself sometimes is just 'too much' and lost the personal & modest issues.
She believes that modesty is about being humble and not attract (too much) attention by the way you look.
Comes with a vision about creating "fashion in modesty with personality for every modern woman" and to become the recognized local label in fashion industry, she created Shajna. 
Shajna started with a concept that is simply based on a daily wear, timeless design, wearable pieces, chic & easy to be worn, from office to casual, and surely cut for modesty. 
It is created for an active-modern hijabi woman with confidence & strong personality.
Shajna captures fashion's global taste, adds a dash of the eclectic style, and the most of all, still remains stylish and modest. 
The collections provide a wide range of selection, from formal to casual, from woven to knits, from solid to print, from top to trousers.
Shortly, Shajna is representing the urban-chic-eclectic style.
You can simply call it as Shajna Style.
Recently, slowly but sure, Shajna grows & tries to be recognized and acknowledged as a local promising brand.