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Shajna Mid Year Sale

The discounts shown on the catalogues below are for general customers (non Member).

While for Shajna Member, get additional 10% discount (from already discounted prices) by following these steps:
1. After collecting your items to the Cart, click the Cart icon on the upper right corner.
2. Click "View Cart / Checkout" button.
3. Shopping Cart page will appear. You can see the list of your items and the current total price on the bottom.
4. Scroll down a bit, and click the "Use Coupon Code" button.
5. Input your Member ID (in capital letters) and click "Apply Coupon".
6. If it is successful, you will see that your total price in the bottom is now deducted by 10% discount.
7. From here, you can continue to add more items, or go straight to Checkout.

-If you forget your Member ID, ask our staffs via WA 0853 2038 8838.
-Make sure you use your own Member ID. We will match the Member identity with yours before processing your order.
-Not yet a Shajna Member? See how to join on www.shajna.com/shajna-membership.

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